Planet Power wins “Best 3D Creative Documentary” award at Lumiere Awards Ceremony

December 10, 2018:News

On Friday, December 7, Stereopsia held the tenth edition of its Lumiere Awards ceremony. Preceded by a week of public screenings held at the BOZAR, the event was organized in close collaboration with The Advanced Imaging Society. Under the applause of a packed room, the Planet Power crew took home the Lumiere Award for “Best 3D Creative Documentary”.

Director and producer Pascal Vuong stepped on stage with co-director Ronan Chapalain to accept the prestigious trophy.

Planet Power explores the history of electricity – from the first spark created by man’s hand to today’s industrial power plants. We meet scientists who changed the world, like Faraday, Franklin, and Tesla and we glimpse the future, as Solar Impulse becomes the first plane to complete a round-the-world flight powered only by the sun. With a mix of chalk animation, CGI, archival footage and spectacular aerials, the film also explores the challenges ahead: how to meet the growing energy needs of our industrialized world, while also protecting the health of our planet.

Planet Power

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It all started with a dream...