nWave unveils Jean-Paul Gaultier collaboration at Annecy Festival

June 15, 2024:News

Once more, we were delighted to head to France and attend a new edition of the Festival International du film d'Animation d'Annecy. The prestigious event gathers hundreds of animation professionals and enthusiasts from around the globbe. This year, nWave had a very special announcement to make...

A Mythical Collaboration

nWave Studios and Octopolis revealed that they had been working with the legendary fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier on a unique collaboration. Gaultier, accompanied by the creative and production teams, unveiled a tantalizing preview of their feature film. Jean-Paul Gaultier will take on the role of artistic director for this project.

This cinematic endeavor, slated for release in 2027, promises to be a unique blend of fashion, artistry, and storytelling.