Privacy & Cookie Policy

This is the Privacy and Cookie Policy of nWave Pictures, with registered offices in 282 Rue des Alliés, 1190 Brussels, Belgium and registered at the CBE with number 0454.736.988 (hereinafter “nWave”).

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, because it contains essential information about how your personal data are processed and which cookies are used. By using the website, accessible via the following address hereinafter: “the Website”); by contacting us by mail/phone, by subscribing for our newsletter, you declare that you have read this Privacy Policy and that you expressly agree to its content as well as to the processing itself.

Article 1 – General terms

nWave Pictures, as a Belgian company, is also compliant with the European Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data. (hereinafter “GDPR”). nWave Pictures takes responsibility for the processing of your personal data.

Article 2 – Collected personal data

2.1. Personal data you communicate to us:

  • Category 1: without registration and through our website: your IP-address, surfing behaviour, origin, search terms;
  • Category 2: through personal contact (either by email or by personal encounter): your first and last name, e-mail address, office address and telephone number;
  • Category 3: by registration to our newsletter: your e-mail address;

2.2. nWave can obtain personal data though different means:

by placing cookies; by meeting you during a show we both attend, either by exchanging business cards or by signing up on our list; by your registration to our newsletter by your use of the Website;

Article 3 – Purposes of the processing of data

3.1. General purposes: nWave will use the obtained personal data solely for the purposes mentioned below:

  • Category 1: the maintaining and improving of the Website and the creation of anonymous statistics based (the identity of particular persons or companies will not be traceable) on the “legitimate interest” of nWave to improve the service and Website;
  • Category 2: the sending of direct marketing mailings, newsletters, promotions, based on your explicit and preliminary consent;
  • Category 3: the improvement of the user-friendliness of the service based on explicit, prior consent;
  • Category 4: the delivery and invoice-details of the products ordered by you, based on the delivery of a service which you requested. You are not obliged to provide us with your personal data, however you must understand that the delivery of certain services is not possible in case you refuse to provide us with certain personal data.

3.2. Direct marketing: Your personal data will only be used for direct marketing purposes if you give your explicit and preliminary consent.(“opt-in”).

In case you have given your consent and you are added to nWave’s direct mailing list, nWave may use your personal data to send you marketing material as well as other material relating to nWave, her products and/or her services. nWave can also use the personal data you provided in order to adapt the documents.

This consent can be revoked at all times, for free and without motivation by clicking the unsubscribe button below every promotional e-mail.

3.3. Legal requirements: In extraordinary circumstances it may occur that nWave is obliged to transfer your personal data following a court order or in order to comply with imperative laws and/or regulations. nWave will, if reasonably possible, try to inform you on beforehand, unless revealing this information is subject to legal constraints.

Article 4 – Duration of the processing

nWave will store and process your personal data indefinitely in the pursuit of its legitimate interest. nWave will correct, limit or delete your personal data at your express request (cf. Article 5).

Article 5 – Your rights

5.1. Access right and right to obtain a copy. You have the right to freely obtain access to your personal data at any moment, as well as to be informed about the purpose of the processing by nWave.

5.2. Right to correct, delete and limit: You have the choice to share your personal data with nWave. You also have the right to request nWave to correct, delete or complement your personal data. You acknowledge that a refusal to share data or a request to delete these data will make the delivery of certain services and/or products impossible.

You can also request the processing of your personal data to be limited.

5.3. Right to object: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data when you have serious and legitimate reasons to do so.

You also have the right to object to the use of your personal data for purposes of direct marketing. In such case specific reasoning will not be requested.

5.4. Right to free data transferring: You have the right to obtain your personal data which is processed by nWave in a structured, usual form, readable by machines and/or to transfer this data to another data controller.

5.5. Right to withdraw consent When the processing is based on prior consent you have the right to withdraw this consent.

5.6. Exercise of rights: You can exercise your rights by contacting us, either through e-mail at or by mail to 282 Rue des Alliés, 1190 Brussels, Belgium or through the link ‘Contact us’ on the Website, with inclusion of your ID.

5.7. Automated decisions and profiling: The processing of your personal data does not include profiling, nor shall you be subjected to automated decisions.

5.8. Right to file a complaint: You have the right to file a complaint with the Belgian Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit, Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels, Tel +32 (0)2 274 48 00, Fax +32 (0)2 274 48 35, e-mail:

This does not affect a provision before the civil court.

If you have suffered damages caused by the processing of your personal data you can file a claim for damages.

Article 6 – Safety and confidentiality

6.1. We have adopted safety measures which are suited on both a technical and an organisational level to avoid the destruction, the loss, the forgery, the adjustment, the non-authorised access or the notification of the personal data by accident to a third party, as well as the non-authorised processing of these data.

6.2. nWave shall not be liable in any way for direct or indirect damages caused by a wrongfully or improper use of the personal data by a third party.

6.3. At all times you shall comply with safety standards, for instance by avoiding all non-authorised access to your login and access code. You are solely responsible for the use of the Website on your computer, IP-address and identification data, as well as for the confidentiality.

Article 7 – Access by third parties

  • In order to process your personal data we provide access to your personal data to our employees.
  • We guarantee a similar level of protection by imposing contractual obligations to our employees that are similar to this Privacy Policy.

Article 8 – Cookies

8.1. What is a cookie? A “cookie” is a small text file that is sent from the server of nWave and is stored on your computer’s hard drive. This way we can remember your preferences when visiting our Website. The information stored through these cookies can only be read by nWave and only for the duration of your visit to the Website.

8.2. Why do we use cookies? Our website uses Cookies and similar technologies to distinguish your preferences from those of the other users of our Website. This allows us to offer you a better experience when you visit our Website and to optimize our Website in the meantime.

As a result of recent amendments of the law, all websites focusing on certain parts of the European Union are obligated to ask for your permission in order to use or save cookies and similar technologies on your computer or mobile devices. This cookie policy clearly and completely informs you about the cookies we use and their purpose.

8.3. Kind of cookies: Cookies can be subdivided based on their offspring, function and durability.

The Website only uses the following cookies:

Functional cookies

DSIDwww.doubleclick.netDisplay Twitter Feed2 weeks

Non-functional cookies

DSIDwww.doubleclick.netGoogle tracking cookies15 days
gidwww.nwave.comGoogle tracking cookies1 days
gawww.nwave.comGoogle tracking cookiesIndefinite
gatwww.nwave.comGoogle tracking cookiesIndefinite
IDEwww.doubleclick.netTwitter tracking cookie5 months
_utmawww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie2 years
_utmcwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookieIndefinite
_utmvwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie2 years
_gawww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie2 years
_gawww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie2 years
_gidwww.nwave.comTwitter tracking cookie1 day
_twitter_sesswww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookieIndefinite
Ads_prefswww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie10 years
Csrf_same_site_setwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie1 year
Dntwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie10 years
Ou_cnwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie1 years
External_referwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie1 day
Guest_idwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie2 years
Kdtwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie1 year
Langcdn.syndication.twimg.comTwitter tracking cookieIndefinite
Netpuwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie1 year
Personalization_idwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie2 years
Remember_checked_onwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie10 years
Syndication_guest_idwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie1 year
Tfw_expwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie14 years
Twitter_ads_idwww.twitter.comTwitter tracking cookie1 year

For cookies set by third parties (Google Analytics) we kindly refer you to the statements set forth by these parties on their respective websites. Beware, we do not have any influence on the content of these statements nor on the content of the cookies of these third parties: Google Analytics cookies

8.4. Your permission: When you first visit our website you will be asked to accept our different kinds of cookies. For each category you can allow or refuse cookies. At any time, you can change the cookie settings for our Website through the hyperlink below our website and thus revoke your permission.

You can block Cookies by activating your browser settings which allows you to refuse the cookies. The rejection of these cookies may have the effect of not allowing you to use some functionalities on the Website.

In case you have any more questions or remarks regarding the processing of personal data, please contact nWave per mail or per post at 282 Rue des Alliés, 1190, Bruxelles, Belgium or by using the “Contact us” button on the Website.

More information on cookies can also be found via the following link:

More information on online behavioural advertising and online privacy can be found via the following link: