discover an animation studio nestled in the heart of Europe

Founded in 1994, nWave Studios is a production company based in Brussels renowned for its expertise in CGI animation. Its first feature film, “Fly Me To The Moon” (2008) was a turning point for the studio – and cinema. The release of the first animated film created for stereoscopic 3D made of nWave Studios a pioneer in the field of family entertainment.

nWave recently their latest feature film, "The Inseparables", which is set for theatrical release for fall 2023. The film will feature Don, a puppet with a wild imagination, and DJ Doggy Dog, a canine rapper who has yet to find his voice. Their adventures will push them to leave the confines of Central Park and conquer New York City. Together they will learn the value of imagination, friendship and courage.

Today, they are hard at work on the production of a sequel to "Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness", which will feature all its beloved characters as well as some new additions which are sure to captivate the audience's imagination.


A studio is born

Moved by a passion to entertain families with state-of-the-art 3D, a group of artists unites to found a fully integrated animation studio in Brussels, the heart of Europe. The team is led by a visionary trio: Ben Stassen, Caroline Van Iseghem and Eric Dillens.


Rides galore

nWave quickly becomes renowned for its mastery of CGI and “in your face” 3D effects. The studio democratizes the access to ride simulation films. Usually about four minutes long, these adrenaline-packed titles embark viewers on a wild adventure, whether high up in a remote galaxy or deep in an abandoned mine. Theme and attraction parks equipped with a 3D theater can now offer their ecstatic visitors the thrill of a fully immersive experience.


Attractive attractions

nWave introduces a new format for the entertainment industry. Particularly popular with amusement parks, these slightly longer films (roughly 12 minutes) present a more fully-fleshed scenarios with main characters, antagonists and a story.


Fly us to the moon

Thanks to the success of its ride simulations and attractions films, nWave is now able to embark on its most ambitious project to date: the production of its first animated feature film. “Fly Me To The Moon” becomes the first animated film created for native stereoscopic 3D – and a turning point for cinema. The studio develops a unique economic model: by declining its feature films into different formats, the animation studio can cater to the needs of multiple facets of the entertainment industry.


The catalog that keeps on giving

nWave welcomes its hundredth addition to its critically acclaimed catalog. Covering a variety of topics such as environmental issues, family values, courage and friendship, the nWave films create a vibrant mosaic, a testament to the studio’s know how. This unique film library also includes third-party creations, developed with long-time partners who share the same desire: to entertain audiences of all ages.


Exciting partnerships

A unique collaboration sees the light of day when Belgian superstar Stromae chooses nWave to create the backdrop of his “Multitude” tour. Together, they develop an animated avatar in the image of the singer as well as several sequences used to punctuate his show.



The studio is constantly developing new feature film projects with the goal of delivering one new film per year. To support this ambitious lineup, nWave has announced the opening of a new factory at Plaine Image (Roubaix), in partnership with its French co-producer Octopolis. An additional center located in Liège reinforces its production capacities.