Coming in 2023 !

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1h 30m 00s

Coming in 2023 ! 

This animated buddy movie follows the misadventures of Don, a runaway puppet with a boundless imagination and, DJ Doggy Dog, an abandoned stuffed animal toy in need of a friend, as they cross paths in Central Park and pair up against all odds for an epic adventure of friendship in New York City.

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Don is a wooden puppet with a vivid imagination. He's clumsy and often lets his fantasy get the best of him but he has a good and loyal heart. His thirst for heroic quests and wild adventures will lead him to explore the world that extends itself beyond the walls of his puppet theater...

DJ Doggy Dog

This cute teddy bear answers to the name DJ Doggy Dog. Press on his little paw and you will hear him spit some rhymes... But this endearing dog still needs to find his own voice. Perhaps his new friend Don could be of help ?


This graceful wooden puppet is always cast for the same role: the damzel in distress. And Dee is not taking it anymore ! When her friends are in danger, she'll lead the inhabitants of the puppet theater to their rescue.