Old time buddies Sammy and Ray are taken to an aquarium. Their grandchildren, Sammy and Ray, set out to rescue them.

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Sammy and Ray are back with a splash

Captured and held captive in a state-of-the-art underwater restaurant-aquarium somewhere in the Middle East, Sammy and Ray devise an ingenious plan to free everyone and get back to their families. Join Sammy and a host of colorful characters in an exciting new adventure filled with heartwarming stories of friendship and teamwork.



This baby green sea turtle is pragmatic and sensible. She has inherited her grandfather Sammy's wisdom. Unlike her best friend Ricky, Ella avoids diving head-first into trouble. That doesn't mean she won't face danger to save her loved ones... Her down-to-earth personality doesn't meant that she won't brave danger to save her loved ones.


Meet Ricky, a baby gray leatherback sea turtle. He dreams of being a famous explorer like his grandfather Ray. Brave, inquisitive and headstrong, he loves exploring the aquatic world. His impulsive nature can get into trouble but he can count on his best friend Ella to balance things out.

Big D

Though tiny in size, Big D is a big villain. He likes to think of himself as the ruler of the aquarium he inhabits. This bully has two loyal moray eels as sidekicks who do his bidding - or at least try their best.

A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures

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1h 25m 00s

A young sea turtle travels the world in search of its first love.