An unexpected Return to the Lost World puts poor Bob in a delicate situation... He better get out of there. And quick !

Attraction Films
12m 00s /

The dinosaurs are back...

The highly anticipated sequel to Red Star’s smash-hit attraction film THE LOST WORLD sees a helicopter accident leave stressed executive Bob adrift in a boat at sea. Traumatized by his earlier encounters, Bob’s worst nightmares come true when he finds a terrifying dinosaur stowaway on board. But his only hope of rescue lies on the dinosaur infested island from the first film, and Bob has no choice but to take his prehistoric passenger along, face his fears and RETURN TO THE LOST WORLD.

A Red Star production / An nWave distribution



Bob is a kind but nervous guy. No need for adrenaline and adventures for him ! Especially those that could involve fierce dinosaurs...


Eddie is an edmontosaurus. He's clever and curious and always looking for something to eat. When Bob stumbles on his island, he develops a fondness for him.