Robinson's dreams of returning to England are slowly fading. One day, however, he spots a ship ! Too bad it's full of pirates...

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Sail away !

After surviving a shipwreck, Robinson Crusoe and his dog Aynsley are forced to make a new home on an uncharted island. Time passes, and his dreams of returning to England seem to come true when a passing ship comes to his rescue. But with a crew of nasty pirates as shipmates, Crusoe realizes that his life as a castaway wasn’t all that bad! With some help from his parrot companion Friday, Crusoe plots a daring escape.



Robinson Crusoe is an apprentice cartographer from a good family who sets sail on a merchant ship to discover the world. He is an awkward young man, and his feeble frame stands out among the veteran sailors and seasoned adventurers who tease him for being so naïve. However, Robinson’s life changes forever when he is washed up alone, shipwrecked on a tiny island. Our anti-hero must overcome his fears in order to survive. His candor and optimism mean he doesn’t give up and his benevolent attitude towards the animals on the island also proves very useful to him – they end up becoming his friends and allies during the numerous adventures that await.


Unlike the other animals on the island, eating and sleeping aren’t enough to satisfy this moonstruck, curious parrot. He is convinced there is more to the world than a few rocks surrounded by the ocean. Unfortunately, nobody else is interested in the clues he spends his time gathering to support his theory. Then one day, Robinson and the other shipwreck survivors are washed up on the beach. Now, more than ever, Tuesday refuses to follow the flow with the rest of the panicking animals. He helps overcome fears and prejudices, gradually becoming the mediator who approaches Robinson and the animals, eventually forming a family

Robinson Crusoe

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A classic with a twist: Tuesday, a chatty parrot, recounts how Robinson Crusoe came to be stranded on his deserted island.