Thunder and his friends come up with a plan to save the house of dear Mr Lawrence.

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"Haunted Mansion 3D” features a young ginger cat named Thunder who leads a band of wacky accomplices in a race to save a Victorian-style mansion belonging to Lawrence, a retired magician. When the latter lands in hospital with a broken leg, Thunder and the rest of the magician's automatons, gizmos and performing animals leap into action to stop a greedy nephew from selling the mansion. With a series of inspired stunts they are determined to drive off several would-be buyers and the movers hired to empty the place. Will they succeed and keep the nephew at bay?

Join our young hero in this new adventure. "Haunted Mansion 4D" has something for the entire family: hilarious characters, eye-popping 3D and spectacular 4D special effects. There’s no place like this home!



Despite being an adorable kitten, Thunder is abandoned on the side of the road. After barely escaping the sharp teeth of a violent dog, Thunder stumbles upon a strange manor. While its owner, Mr Lawrence, adopts him happily, other pets might not be as fond of this intruder. But Thunder's creativity might save the House of Magic from some unwanted buyers...

Mr Lawrence

Mr Lawrence is a bubbly elderly man. Children love him because of his funny demeanor and his special tricks. That's right ! Mr Lawrence is a magician whose genius knows no bound. Just take a look at all the inhabitants that reside in the House of Magic...

The House of Magic

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1h 25m 00s

After being abandoned by its owner, Thunder, an adorable cat, stumbles into the strangest house imaginable. Will he win the heart of the old magician who lives in it as well as his dazzling array of animated inventions?