When Rex ends up in a dog shelter, none of his cellmates believe that he comes from Buckingham Palace, much less that he is The Queen's Corgi. Will he be able to stand up to the ruthless Tyson ?

Attraction Films
12m 00s

For dog's sake !

The dog shelter is a frightening place for a corgi with expensive taste. Nevertheless, Rex quickly makes friends and allies. But the danger is looming when he finds out about the shelter’s secret fight club, run by the terrible Tyson. Will he be able to get rid of this tyrant with the help of his canine friends?



Rex has quickly become the Queen's favorite corgi. His title of royal top dog grants him a life of luxury. But these privileges will amount to nothing once he ends up in a dog kennel...


This bright little Jack Russel takes it upon himself to initiate Rex to the life in the kennel. But he soon realizes that Rex is quite a handful, giving him way more grievance than he bargained for.


Cynical and disenchanted, Wanda has accepted her fate: being Tyson's girl. Rex's advances touch her heart and when she realizes that Rex is willing to risk his life to save her from Tyson's tyranny, she'll do anything to help him return to the palace.


Tyson is the archetype of the alpha male, the chief of the pack ruling the kennel through tyranny and fear. No one ever dares crossing Tyson... That is until Rex shows up !