A young stray cat needs to find a home. Chased by a furious dog, he hides in a run-down old mansion. Can he avoid the tricks and traps, and a mischievous mouse?

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One lost little cat will make a magical discovery

“The House of Magic 4D” chronicles the adventures of an abandoned young ginger cat named Thunder. Seeking protection from a furious dog and an approaching storm, our hero stumbles into the strangest house imaginable: a run-down Victorian-style mansion owned by an old magician and populated with a dazzling array of automatons, gizmos and performing animals. After avoiding a series of magician’s traps and tricks in the attic, he meets Jack the Rabbit and Maggie the Mouse, who immediately feel themselves threatened by this stray cat. Thunder has no choice left… and finds himself on the street again. Alone and frightened, he will be rescued in an unexpected twist. “The House of Magic 4D” is an endearing family-friendly tale, filled with fun characters and non-stop action. Featuring eye-catching animation and an immersive 3D experience maximizing “in-your-face” effects, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the chaos, cheering on our adorable hero while seeing the world from a whole new perspective.



Despite being an adorable kitten, Thunder is abandoned on the side of the road. After barely escaping the sharp teeth of a violent dog, Thunder stumbles upon a strange manor. While its owner, Mr Lawrence, adopts him happily, other pets might not be as fond of this intruder. But Thunder's creativity might save the House of Magic from some unwanted buyers...

The House of Magic

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After being abandoned by its owner, Thunder, an adorable cat, stumbles into the strangest house imaginable. Will he win the heart of the old magician who lives in it as well as his dazzling array of animated inventions?