"The Inseparables" to premiere at Annecy Film Festival

April 28, 2023:News

nWave studios, Octopolis and A Contracorriente are thrilled to announce that their upcoming animated film THE INSEPARABLES will get its world premiere in June at the biggest animation event in the world: France’s Annecy Film Festival.

As Annecy unveiled its 2023 lineup, the studio revealed an exclusive teaser trailer and poster about this new buddy adventure from the writers of TOY STORY.

Producer Matthieu Zeller and Director Jérémie Degruson will attend the festival to introduce audiences to a new duo of original characters and their misadventures: a runaway puppet with boundless imagination and an abandoned stuffed animal toy in need of a friend who cross paths in Central Park and pair up against all odds for an epic adventure of friendship in the big city. With THE INSEPARABLES, nWave studios are glad to be back in Annecy 3 years after the festival hosted a screening of BIGFOOT FAMILY as part of their 2020 offline edition.

Zeller (nWave’s CEO) says: “We couldn’t dream of a better launchpad for THE INSEPARABLES than Annecy, a high-end festival that fosters the very same diversity and vitality of animation we’re thriving on at nWave. It feels like the perfect place for us to share with audiences this imaginative, ambitious and audacious project of heart, which we feel reflects our European roots and our ability to tell universal stories.“

Degruson (THE HOUSE OF MAGIC, BIGFOOT JUNIOR, and BIGFOOT FAMILY) says: “I can’t wait to be back and present our new movie in person in Annecy to animation-loving crowds from all around the world, who are gathered by the same passion for quality animation and for creativity which is the soul of Annecy and the spice of my work as a director.“

THE INSEPARABLES is already set for theatrical distribution in 2023 in key territories worldwide, including Russia, Spain, Benelux, Portugal, Scandinavia, Poland, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Vietnam, Korea, etc…

This year, the Annecy Film Festival will take place from June 11th to June 17th.

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Matthieu Zeller mzeller@nwave.com

About the film:

From the writers of TOY STORY comes this fun buddy movie following the misadventures of two unlikely friends - Don, a runaway puppet with a boundless imagination, and DJ Doggie Dog, an abandoned stuffed animal toy in need of a friend - as they cross paths in Central Park and pair up against all odds for an epic adventure of friendship in the big city.

  • Directed by: Jeremie Degruson (The House of Magic, Bigfoot Junior and Bigfoot Family)
  • Story By / Written by: Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow (Toy Story)
  • Adapted screenplay by: Bob Barlen, Carl Brunker (Bigfoot Family, Paw Patrol: The Movie)
  • Produced by: nWave Studios, Octopolis, A Contracorriente
  • A France-Belgium-Spain coproduction
  • Production Budget: $25m
  • Formats: 2D, 3D, Dolby, Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision

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