Follow Lucy, a devastating hurricane and its unexpected effects on flora and fauna.

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39m 51s /

Every dark cloud has a silver lining

This is the true story of a 15,000-kilometre journey in the footsteps of one of the most devastating natural events on our planet: the Atlantic Hurricane. Our protagonist is both shatteringly destructive and vital to life on earth. A mere breeze at its conception, as it sweeps over the African Sahel it becomes a life-giving monsoon, before setting out across the Atlantic as a deepening depression. The hurricane is the film’s main character. The supporting cast – the men, women, plants and animals that it encounters on its journey and affects in some way, for better or for worse. Serene and exquisitely beautiful from space, at ground level in the face of the screaming wind, ‘Hurricane’ is nothing less than terrifying.

“Hurricane 3D” is an nWave Pictures Distribution release of a Ouragan Films production. The film is produced by Jacqueline Farmer, directed by Cyril Barbançon, Andy Byatt & Jacqueline Farmer, and features music by Yann Tiersen.

Also available in 22:21 version.