Eager to find his place in his father’s kingdom despite his differences, Chickenhare embarks on a perilous quest to find a lost relic: The Hamster of Darkness.

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Half chicken, half hare, 100% adventurer !

Young Chickenhare is the adopted son of King Peter, a famous adventurer. Part chicken and part hare, he has a really tough time growing up and disguises himself as a hare to avoid the mockeries of his peers. When the day of the Royal Adventurer Society trials comes, Chickenhare, hampered by is disguise, fails miserably. But he is determined to grab a second chance and find the Scepter of the Hamster of Darkness, before his evil Uncle Lapin. The Scepter will give immense power to its holder. If Lapin gets hold of it, he will be unstoppable. Accompanied by his faithful servant Abe, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a martial arts expert skunk, he sets of on an epic and initiatory quest.



Adopted by King Peter when he was only a little baby, Chickenhare stands out because of his features. He's part chicken, part hare... His appearance makes him self conscious and clumsy. To prove himself, he sets out on a perilous quest to find a forgotten relic. But he'll have to learn that his differences are what makes him unique...


Abe is Chickenhare's valet - and also his best friend. He's always willing to go with his master to the Royal Library where Chickenhare spends hours devouring adventure books. Abe often has a sarcastic sense of humor and he's not very fast - which is only natural for a turtle !


Meg is a skunk. But she's primarily a genuine adventurer and an outspoken martial arts expert. She's gutsy and takes no nonsense from anyone. When she crosses paths with Chickenhare and Abe, her dream of finding adventure mates to travel the world becomes true!


Cunning and devious, Lapin is King Peter's brother. His proud and arrogant demeanor hide a complex linked to one of his ears which remains constantly lowered. He has a visceral disdain for his nephew, Chickenhare. After trying to take over his brother's throne, Lapin has been imprisoned. Locked away, he surrounds himself with books, plotting his escape... Should he get his hands on the Hamster of Darkness, the kingdom of Featherbeard would be in grave danger.


Don't you tell the Piggies that they look like marshmallow pigs - you might just hurt their feelings ! These pink-colored, funny creatures have curly tails, oddly located on top of their heads. They live in a bamboo jungle, move in a strange fashion and come together like bricks. True, the Piggies are not dazzlingly clever, but they are dangerous nonetheless - and our heroes will have to be brave and creative to escape them.

King Peter

King Peter, Chickenhare's adoptive father, is an honest and kind ruler. He is beloved by his people and is praised for his many exploits as an adventurer. In spite of all the invaluable artifacts he's brought over the course of his life, he believes Chickenhare is the most precious treasure he's ever found.

Meg and the Lost Scepter

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Life can be lonely for skunk. But when Meg crosses paths with Chickenhare and Abe, she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.