“Planet Power” Premiere at the Smithsonian

February 22, 2018:News

The world premiere of Planet Power will take place at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC on March 21.

Planet Power explores the history of electricity – from the first spark created by man’s hand to today’s industrial power plants. We meet scientists who changed the world, like Faraday, Franklin, and Tesla and we glimpse the future, as Solar Impulse becomes the first plane to complete a round-the-world flight powered only by the sun. With a mix of chalk animation, CGI, archival footage and spectacular aerials, the film also explores the challenges ahead: how to meet the growing energy needs of our industrialized world, while also protecting the health of our planet.

Watch the movie’s trailer below: https://youtu.be/Q6vA2Q8U4SQ

For more information, visit the official Planet Power website at www.planetpower-thefilm.com

Planet Power

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