nWave unveils “Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness”

February 9th, 2021 / Category : News

Matthieu Zeller, President & CEO of nWave, sat down with Variety for an exclusive interview.

In his conversation with Elsa Keslassy, he revealed that Sony Pictures International Productions is partnering with Ben Stassen on nWave’s upcoming animated feature film Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness. The movie is based on the graphic novels by Chris Grine and published by Dark Horse comics while its screenplay is the work of Dave Collard.

Audiences will be introduced to Chickenhare, an young adventurer at heart born half chicken and half hare. Eager to be accepted in spite of his differences, Chickenhare embarks on an thrilling quest along with Abe, a sarcastic turtle, and Meg, a fearless skunk. Their goal ? Find the coveted relic known as the Hamster of Darkness before Lapin, a villain whose recent jail escape threatens the peace of the kingdom.

Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness is scheduled to be released in theaters in the course of 2022, in both 2D and 3D versions.

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