Alien Adventure 3D

Fun was an alien concept until these space travelers landed in a theme park... Buckle up and follow a group of aliens in their hilarious adventures !

Attraction Films
21m 12s /

Aliens invade a theme park ! 

The search for a new home continues… Hang on to your trans-warp inducers, the Glagoliths are blasting into town. After countless years roaming the universe in search of a new home, a group of aliens stumble upon a suitable planet called Earth. However, when they head to the surface to investigate, they inadvertently find themselves in the middle of a new hi-tech amusement park not yet open to the public. Havoc ensues as they find themselves strapped into a series of hi-tech rides that send them sledding through an icy glacier in the Arctic, nearly eaten by sharks in a treasure-filled lagoon, flying high on a magic carpet, and zooming around someone’s bedroom in a giant slot car.

Also available in 34:30 version